Thursday, 26 September 2013

Getting a bit tired

I went to the hospital today,; I had to get up early and was absolutely packed like sardines on the Central Line, to get there for 9am. I spoke to a very nice research student who is doing a Phd on the effect of alternative therapy for chronic pain sufferers. I'm glad to be part of research if it will help other people in the future. The Dr was also very nice but her assessment hurt. In her opinion, acupuncture might be too painful for me, at least at the moment, so she has referred me to a specialist who might be able to offer alternative or complementary help. I then travelled back to work, the Central Line was still very busy even though it was lunch time.
After school I held the School Football Team trials; I have reached the conclusion that whatever I do with regard the School Football Team, someone is always upset. So I just need to grit my teeth and do what I think is right knowing that someone will be upset. Most of the boys went home happy enough and I have 2 school Football Teams that are actually both quite skilful.
Life is very busy at the moment...

Thursday, 19 September 2013

hmm... telling...

So I went back to school on the 3rd September and haven't blogged since the 5th - very telling of how busy I've been. And I haven't got time to blog now because I have Maths books to mark. So achievements - yes many - time to record them - 0.
Not sure what I can do about this except put some time aside at the weekend. Family life is also very busy so really not sure that's the answer. Just goes to show how hard it is to be managing a condition and working full time with a family also...

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Back to School

I went back to school yesterday and was in class all day - I am very pleased with myself - it is a huge achievement. I really enjoyed it and I have a lovely class of children - 10 boys and 10 girls - so not a whole class under normal circumstances but they are my class at the moment. New children are joining all the time, I had two new additions to my class yesterday - 1 boy and 1 girl.

Many people came to find me to see how I was getting on and if I was coping. The majority of people are so kind and thoughtful. I thought I was going to find it more difficult especially given the bad news about my Dad on Tuesday. He wants us all to be positive and to carry on as he is doing himself so bravely. I was at the hospital with him so I volunteered to 'phone everyone to let them know the news. That was how I spent Tuesday evening.

I have a couple of hours at home today to recuperate from yesterday and my class are in the trusted hands of our regular supply teacher who is wonderful. She met them yesterday so they will be fine and I've left some lovely work for them to do. I think I would rather bank her time as I don't think I need it as much now as I will later on when I've been teaching a few weeks and parents' evening is looming. Hopefully my Head will agree.

Blood test first thing this morning - my husband and I both had to go - a nice little trip out together. We arrived at the hospital at 7.30am and there were already 68 people queuing before us. We were seen at 8.45am so not too bad. Hubby seems to be getting better every day and he is driving now as well so he can occupy himself better.

My youngest son went back to school today looking very smart as usual on his first day. He'll moan when he sees he has an appointment with the careers officer on his half day next week. All sons at home at the moment so it's all a bit busy here at home - nice though.

I have to make some 'phone calls now for my Dad and for my Access to Work. Oh and I've been ironing and dog walking and driving and washing and... must be careful not to overdo it.

Monday, 2 September 2013

A whole week!

So much for my resolution writing more often, I've left it a whole week this time. Where to start? On Saturday I had to travel to London for one of my pain management group sessions. As always it was very useful. But is a long day and the journey is tiring. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I went into school for a couple of hours each day to familiarise myself with school, my classroom, the people, and the journey there. On Wednesday my son rearranged the room for me and finished off any lifting or carrying so that on Thursday and Friday I was able to go into school on my own and get my brain back into school.
We've been food shopping again, very slow. I have visited my sister and my mum and dad stop I think I find five shirts and I have done loads of washing. Hubby and I have walked the dog very slowly a few times. Today we had to queue for the uniform shop as my son needed a new blazer. I picked my other son up from the station with his stuff and then took my other son to have his hair cut and buy new shoes for school.
I can't remember what else I've done and now I'm feeling tired – it's my first day at school tomorrow.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Thursday - Monday

Oops I've left it too long again and now I'm going to have to really think about what I've done. I've finished the Maths paper and emailed it off so I'm really pleased about that. I read it again this morning and found a couple of things I would add or change but it's one of those things that I could keep adding to and changing so I have to let it go. I'm free now to think about school work for this week. It's Bank Holiday Monday today; I've hung some washing out and collected the pears that have fallen from the tree - that takes so long and so much effort. I'm just about to iron some shirts - I wonder how many I'll manage. Hubby wants me to take him to drop something off and do a little bit of food shopping - it's strange that he can't drive at the moment - I wonder how long it will be? He is so much better already but he's still bruised and a bit swollen so he's being sensible and taking things slowly.

I had to take my lovely car to the dealer on Friday; it was recalled because some have been found to have a loose steering wheel bolt. That was a lot of effort as I had to walk into town, did a bit of clothes shopping and get the bus home. As soon as I'd reached home the dealer rang to say my car was ready to pick up - typical. I got 2 buses back so that I didn't have to walk far and they'd cleaned my car inside and out too - lovely.

I took hubby food shopping on Saturday and we bought quite a lot - he was even slower than me walking round and I had to pack the shopping into bags - it all took ages but we did it. We asked my son to get the bags from the boot of the car; that was a bridge too far. The cricket has been on TV so we've watched that which takes up all day. It rained all day on Saturday, ad I mean rained - it didn't stop. Some towns nearby were flooded for the first time in years it was that bad.

I helped my son clean out next door's guinea pigs while they're away. They are sweet, but bigger than I thought they'd be. They squeak a lot and love their food. I've done my mindful stretching exercises every day in the morning, they really do help to get me going. The pain has been bad but I've been trying the mindful exercises so that I'm trying to just acknowledge the pain and not get annoyed, sad, upset by it. It still hurts as much but I feel more in control I suppose. It's difficult to unpick all the feelings.

Right, I really must try not to leave it so long to write although the days fly past and I don't realise it's been so many days. In a way perhaps that's a good sign that I'm not constantly consciously thinking about my pain and I do forget to write. Right, where's that iron?

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Saturday - Tuesday

Well first, a big achievement is that I haven't opened my laptop - no checking emails, work -nothing. That's partly because hubby had a hernia operation on Saturday, very time consuming. He's doing well and can now make himself breakfast and a cuppa. I had my hair cut and finished on Monday; always tiring. I did a little bit of shopping for clothes while I was In town. I took the dog to have his nails clipped yesterday with the help of my son. I've been to the doctors and chemist a couple of times - poor hubby. I've done a few loads of washing and made several phone calls. I bought a new telephone yesterday and am busy setting that up. I missed my mindful stretches twice which felt really strange - I need to make them a priority; did them this morning.

I had to drive there and back to the hospital twice on Saturday so that was a lot of driving. My son put some petrol in my car for me. I've been food shopping a few times. I've ironed a couple of shirts and vacuumed once. I picked blackberries in our garden and made a tart which we ate with custard - much tastier that I thought it would be. Today I need to try to finish the maths or at least nearly - it's beginning to bug me now and I want to send it off.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Wednesday to Friday

Had a cuppa & a chat with The In-Laws - very pleasant 2 hours. Ironed 5 shirts. Walked dog once for 20 minutes. Visited Dad & sister for a total of 5 hours. Did food shopping, that was tiring and I had to stop once and hold on and breathe. Stretching exercises every day. Hung washing out a couple of times. Made a few phone calls which I find tiring. Paid deposit on new bathroom. Bit more shopping. Bit more Maths work.

Gosh doesn't sound much when I write it down but it's all pretty tiring.